water pollution

Many causes of water pollution but can generally be categorized as a source of contaminants directly and indirectly. Direct sources include effluent coming out of the industry, the landfill (where the Final Disposal of Waste), and so on. Indirect source of contaminants that enter water bodies from the soil, groundwater, or atmosphere in the form of rain. Soil and groundwater contain contain remnants of agricultural activities such as fertilizers and pesticides. Contaminants from the atmosphere also comes from human activities that generate air pollution acid rain.


Water contaminants can be classified as organic, inorganic, radioactive and acid / base. Currently nearly 10 million known chemical substances have been men, and nearly 100,000 chemicals have been used commercially. Most of the remaining chemicals are discharged into water bodies or ground water. Pesticides, detergents, PCBs, and PCPs (polychlorinated phenols), is one example. Dgunakan pesticides in agriculture, forestry and households. PCBs, despite being rarely used in new equipment, still present in electronic devices long as insulators, PCP can be found in wood preservatives, and detergents are widely used as a cleaning agent in the household.

Impact of Air Pollution

Impact of water pollution, for example, can poison drinking water sources, pet food poisoning, imbalance of the river and lake ecosystems, destruction of forests due to acid rain, and so on.

In the body of water, rivers and lakes, nitrogen and phosphate (from agricultural activities) has led to the growth of water plants out of control (excessive eutrophication). This led to explosive growth of oxygen, which should be shared by all the animals / plants, water, is reduced. When these water plants die, their decomposition suck up more oxygen. As a result, the fish will die, and bacterial activity decreases.

Step Resolution

In our daily lives, we can reduce water pollution, by reducing the amount of garbage we produce every day (minimize), recycling (recycle), recycle use (reuse).

We also need to consider the chemicals that we dispose of our house. Because now we have a “chemical society”, which uses hundreds of types of chemicals in our daily life, such as washing, cooking, cleaning, nurturing plants, and so on.

Being a responsible consumer is a wise move. For example, critical of the goods consumed, whether the future will be a source of persistent pollutants, explosive, corrosive and toxic, or degradable (can be degraded) nature? Are the goods we consume will be toxic to humans, animals, and plants, safe for living things and the environment?

We can use technology to address water pollution. Installation of water treatment, waste water treatment installation, which is operated and maintained well, able to remove toxic substances from contaminated water. However, preventive measures must be more effectively and wisely.

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